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Suggested Guide Books For Switzerland

Switzerland, the land of the Neutral. The land where the World Wide Web (NOT THE INTERNET) was developed. A place,often overlooked. However, Switzerland is a very beautiful country that is deep with history. Below, are books to help you guide your trip through Switzerland. Note, though I like most of these books, there is no garentee that you will. To order a book, click on the title and you will be taken to the web site.
Book Title Comments

Rick Steves' Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
   Rick Steves lives up to his normally high standards with this compact, easy to use guide book. Steves provides up to date historical information about the major sites in these three countries. Steves lists provides detailed information about all of the "Don't Miss" cites as well as scenic, attractive, lesser known cities that you will be glad you visited. Steves also provides a list of good, budget accommodations and highly recommended restaurants. Lastly Steves provides helpful hints as to how long you should stay in a city, what order to see the cities in and other useful information for travelers. I like Steves' guide books not only for their helpfulness and detailed information, but also for the fact that they are so compact they are easy to carry around.
Michelin Green Guide:
  The Green Guide provides historical information about Switzerland. Furthermore, it provides historical information for most German cities worth seeing as well as an accurate rating system of how worth while seeing the city is. The Green guide provides a map of where the cities are in relation to each other. I find this useful to finding scenic, lesser known towns near larger tourist Mecca. The Green Guide Also provides walk through tours of the greater known attractions.
Michelin Green Guide:
French Alps
  Nice book on the alps.

The Lonely Planet:
   This mega guide provides excellent information on Switzerland. This book covers everything you ever wanted to know about Greece and more. It provides History of Switzerland, accommodations, visas, transportation information, and information the well informed traveler needs to know about every city and hamlet. Its best to read ahead of time and photo copy the parts you need.
Other Guide Books

These guide books seem popular but I have never read them so I can not give any feedback on them.
Let's Go Europe Many people find Let's Go to be a bit large and confusing. However, it is written by students and it sells thousands of copies so I guess some people like it.
Fodor's Switzerland This is a popular series but I have no knowledge of it.
Fodor's German Phrase Book Very useful for traveling in the German part of Switzerland.
Adventure in the Alps Detailed book about travel in the alps.

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