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Suggested Guide Books For Greece

The following guide books are books I recommend for traveling to Greece. These are the book I use when I go to Greece to help me plan where to go and where to stay. Before you go, you may wish to read, My Family and Other Animals By Gerald Malcolm Durrell About 1/3 of the people I met in Greece were inspired by this book.To order a book, click on the title and you will be taken to the web site. "
Book Title Comments

Michelin Green Guide:
  I have found the Green guide to be a very useful and informative guide book to have trekking through Greece. The Green guide provides the history and architecture of Greece in a nutshell for you to understand what you are seeing. Then it lists alphabetically sites of interest in Greece. The book then delves into the history and other significance of the attractions as well as lists side trips you can take from these cities. Lastly, and what I enjoyed the best, is the book provides step by step walking tours of the major sites. I found this Book very useful when I found my self off the beaten path and was interested to find the hole in the wall, attractions.

The Lonely Planet:
   This mega guide provides excellent information on Greece. This book covers everything you ever wanted to know about Greece and more. It provides History of Greece, accommodations, visas, transportation information, and information the well informed traveler needs to know about every city and village. The Lonely planet also provides useful information about the islands. The only draw back of this guide is its size. Its best to read ahead of time and photo copy the parts you need.

The Rough Guide:
   The rough guide provides a comprehensive history and cultural view of Greece. It provides useful information of most cities, villages and islands. Also provides a very comprehensive listing of places to stay including a detailed price guide. The only draw back is its size. Its best to copy the pages of where you plan to be and leave the rest at home.
Rough Guide:
Corfu and the Ionioan Islands
  Provides detailed history of these often overlooked Greek Islands. It then provides detailed information on the islands, accommodations, and festivals. It is a useful guide to organize a trip to these scenic islands. I spent two weeks there using this book.
Rough Guide:
Greek Islands
  Provides detailed history of all of the Greek Islands. It then provides detailed information on the islands, accommodations, and festivals. Has information on all of the islands. This is the book I use for picking out my hotels in the Aegean islands.
Lonely Planet:
Greek Islands
  Lonely Planet version of the above book.
Other Guide Books

These guide books seem popular but I have never read them so I can not give any feedback on them.
Independent Traveler
Guide to Greek Islands Hopping
  Looks like a good guide book on the ins and outs of island hopping.
Rough Guide: Crete
  Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and was once the home of the Minoans. This island is full of natural beauty plus a few thousand years of history. If you go there you will want to spend at least a week so you should get this guide book that focuses on the island.
Lonely Planet: Crete
  Since the Rough Guide has a book, the Lonely Planet has to have one. A good book to have for going to Crete. Which one you get depends on your preference.
Let's Go Greece Many people find Let's Go to be a bit large and confusing. However, it is written by students and it sells thousands of copies so I guess some people like it. Apparently out of print.
Eyewitness: Ancient Greece Good book to read before you go so you have an idea of what you are looking at.
Eyewitness: Athens and the Main Land Many people like this book because of its detailed pictures. It lets you know what to expect before you get there.
Eyewitness: Greek Islands Again, many people like this book because of its detailed pictures. It lets you know what to expect before you get there.
Fodor's Greece A very popular guide book with people.
In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great. For those of you who want to retrace this leaders conquests.
The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece Do you want to see the true Greece? Skip the tourists and visit the real Greece.

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