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A Run Through The Jungles of Sumatra

Part V

This is the last part of my pictures from Sumatra. I do however have many more. If you would like to see them, please E-mail me,

All pictures are thumbnails, click on picture or title for larger image.

"Homeward Bound"
This is a shot of part of our group the day we were leaving for San Francisco. I can now say that I have seen the sun rise and set twice in one day.(Insomnia and long plane rides do not mix!) Here we are waiting to board our plane. Pictured are top:(left to right) Gorgeina, Will, Deedee, Lisa, Kerri. Bottom Ryan and John. Indoor, flash photo.

"Big Water Fall"
We ate lunch at this water fall on our rafting trip. As you can see, it is quite big compared to a person and this is the lower third of it. You can barley make out a person that has just jumped into the water. Of course this was also an excellent swimming hole. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Lake Toba"
This is another shot of lake Toba from the main land. We are at a vista looking down at the lake on our way out from our two day stay there. What you see here is maybe a tenth of the lake as well. It is also not as calm as lake Meneji. Lake Toba is known for gusts of wind that knock over the flat bottom ferries that travel on it. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Gunung Kerinci"
This is Gunung Kerinci, the highest mountain (3800m) on Sumatra and it is still active volcano. I like this photo because of how the clouds are just burning off and the sun is just rising over the top. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Cloudy Mountain"
This is another view of the Gunung Kerinci , I think a little earlier because there are more clouds. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

I just wanted to throw this picture in. Take your guess at what it is. Not much to say about it, just an interesting pattern of lines and shadows make up this picture. Outdoor, Natural light photo(in shade)


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Updated 5/26/97