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A Run Through The Jungles of Sumatra

Part II

In January of 1995 I had the opportunity to travel to Sumatra, an island the size of California, that is part of Indonesia. This is also my first great experiment at scanning photos. Not bad for my first time. If you would like to see more, please E-mail me,

All of the photos were taken with a Cannon Sprint fixed focus, automatic camera with Kodak 200 Gold multi purpose film. It just goes to show, you don't need a fancy camera to take good pictures.

All pictures are thumbnails, click on picture or title for larger image

"Big Rock"
I believe this is another view of the valley we were in before. Growing up a few hour drive from the Sierras, I was use to large granite mountains with some Confers but mostly uninterrupted granite. This is completely different. Besides the fact that the rock is not granite, there are plants growing all over it. Outdoor, Natural light photo

Again, we see how plants seem to take over any where there is sun light. Again, we are not in a true forest here, but there is still a very decent amount of flora. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Rain Forest"
This picture is overlooking the canopy of a true rain forest. See how the trees make up a green blanket. Also notice how the forest goes on for ever. These are all giant trees, over time they evolved to get as high as possible in order to get enough light to survive. If they did not grow tall, their neighbors would block the sun out from them. Outdoor, Natural light photo

Here is a view of a rain forest from underneath its canopy. As you can see, the trees are huge. Also notice how in the under-story how the trees and other plants are not as close together. That is because not as much light gets down to the ground. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

Here is a photo of our group emerging from an alpine rain forest. We are around 3000 feet above sea level here. The diversity of the plants has lessened, but the number has not. The reason why everyone is looking down is that the ground is muddy and slippery and they do not want to lose their footing. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

This photo is looking strait up at a water fall. See how the mosses are behind the falls, an ideal place to be if you are a moss. I like how the water and moss make vertical lines on the photo. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Hill Side"
This photo is of a hill side covered with shrubs and trees. I like how there is one solitary tree at the base of the tree that is framed by bare hill side. This make the tree stand out from the rest. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

This valley is formed by one of the rivers feeding lake Toba. As you have seen in earlier photos, everything is green. I took this photo because I liked how how the landscape went on forever. The tree to the left is some sort of Conifer. Outdoor, Natural light photo.


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