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A Run Through The Jungles of Sumatra

Part IV

This is the fourth of five parts of my photos from Sumatra, a small Indonesian island. If you would like to see more, please e-mail me,

All pictures are thumbnails, click on picture or title for larger image.

"The Mountains
I don't know much about where this was I believe it was by lake Meneji because the only other lake we stopped by that was not in a forest was lake Toba and this looks nothing like it. I liked this photo just because you could see so far from the point we were on. Again you can also see how green everything was. Plants just love to grow in the tropics. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Lone Mountain"
This photo was taken in the Leuser Forest. We were at a point where we could see over the entire forest. I am not sure what the mountain in the distance, it could be Mount Leuser, but I do not really know. The trees we are looking over are over two hundred feet tall, which means that we were on a hill much higher than them. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

During our trip we went rafting for two days. The river we went down went through the Leuser forest. It gave us a perspective of how big it is and just how much wildlife is in it. We saw and heard gibbons and horn-bills our whole way down the river. Here you cans see some of our group resting on our way down stream. Left side:Gorgena, Danielle, our guide. Right side: Aaron, Polly and Lisa. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Afternoon Walk"
One day some of us decided to take a "short" little walk to a town where people did work with sliver. On our way there, we passed through a rice field with this interesting looking outcroping. Also notice how the rice fields here are terraced. We walked on dry ground our whole time through this one. A few days earlier we went through one that was not terraced, it was extremely muddy and hard to get through. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Sun Set"
This sunset photo I took at lake Meneji. I was surprised that it actually came out because it was at the very end of the sunset and the sun was going down fast. I am not sure what the two boat like things are, but I doubt they are boats because we never saw boats like those. Outdoor, Natural light, sunset, photo.

"Lake Toba"
This is a shot of lake Toba at sunset. This was a nice sunset, because we watched it set from the back of out boat when we were traveling out to the island in the center of the lake. Lake Toba is an interesting lake, It was a volcano that had what people believe to be the second most powerful eruption ever. It blew its entire top off. Over time the crater filled up and formed this lake. Outdoor, Natural light, sunset, photo.


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Updated 5/26/97