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A Run Through The Jungles of Sumatra

Part I

In January of 1995 I had the opportunity to travel to Sumatra, an island the size of California, that is part of Indonesia. When I was there, I spent time studying the rain forests and the culture. These are just a portion of photo's I took. I urge you to view the large photo as well because the thumb-nails do not give them justice. If you would like to see more, please E-mail me,

All of the photos were taken with a Cannon Sprint fixed focus, automatic camera with Kodak 200 Gold multi purpose film. It just goes to show, you don't need a fancy camera to take good pictures.

All pictures are thumbnails, click on picture or title for larger image

Danielle and Polly smile for a photo as we await our return home. These two women were very popular among the Sumatrans because of their red and blond hair.Sumatrans only have brown or black hair. Indoor flash photo.

"The Band"
'And the band played on' This band is the Sumatran equivalent of a Mexican Mariachi band. They had loud deep voices and knew English songs as well as Sumatran songs. They also played on all night long. Indoor flash photo

"Banana Flower"
This is a wild banana flower. If you think about it, it does kind of look like a bunch of weird looking bananas. I took this photo though because I thought it was a neat looking flower. These are not the bananas you buy in stores either, these are smaller and have seeds in them. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"River Cave"
This cave is little more than a bend in the river where the water has carved away at the shore. It goes back no more than a few feet, though it may be more under water. The mosses and trees you see on the side get their water from the daily rain as well from the water. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"White Water Fall"
This water fall we encountered on a rafting trip. This was one of many water falls we saw on our way down this river. I liked this one not only because of the way that it looks, but because it shows the forest coming right to the edge of the river. No room for a shore. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Big Plant"
This is a view of the rain forest from beside the trail we were walking along. The plant is the center is larger than a person(perhaps I should have left the person in front of me in the picture so you can get some perspective.) This was in a sort of clearing. As you can see, plants have made use of every possible inch of sunlight. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

Though I doubt that the trees in the background were really palm trees, they do look like them. This is a great photo to show how green everything was, even though this wasn't a true rain forest. Every single inch is covered by a plant. Even the sides of the cliff in the background are. This valley has an interesting story to how it was formed also. Outdoor, Natural light photo.


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