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     Poros, as with all of the other Argo-Saronic islands, is really the top of a submerged mountain. In fact it is 2 peeks, a large one and a smaller one. The smaller one happens to be just ten minutes away from the shore of the Peloponnese. (Poros means crossing in Greek) Staying true to the Argo-Saronic form, the island is very mountainous but also has lush, green pine trees. Since it is not hampered by the rain shadow of its sister islands of Hydra and Spetses, Poros has lush pine forests on the slopes of the larger peek.

   In mythology, this is said to be Posiden's island which explains why the ruins of his temple lie on the top of the larger of the two peeks, looking down the slopes to the clean blue water that surrounds the back side of the island. The temple makes for a nice bicycle ride, unfortunately there is not much left except for the foundations.

   The island has been continuously since the Neolithic period. I could find nothing significant about the island until about the 18th century. (Note to people from Poros getting ready to e-mail me. Perhaps you could educate me about your history instead of calling me an idiot.) In the 18th century a group of monks founded the Monastery of Zoohokhou Piyis (Source of life). It is nestled in above a very scenic bay, hidden among giant trees. Unfortunately the monks had to flee the invasion of tourists however, one can imagine the serenity they once felt.

   Though this island rates a distant third behind Spetses and Idra, it is not devoid of character or charm. For one, once you bike out around the “Settled” areas the winding island road through the tall trees becomes quite nice and quiet. In fact it is quite beautiful, though the occasional ugly hotel or “vacation palace” comes into view. The main town, still pleasant and a nice place to watch tourists wander and get off of boats.

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Side of the Monastery


Road to the Monastery




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