Hydra/Idra Info Ydra Photos, Part 1
    Hydra is a small rocky island in the Saronic Gulf, about a half hour "Flying Dolphin" ride from the Peloponnese and a two hour Flying Dolphin ride from Athens Hydra has a constant stream of boats bring in and taking away tourists from sun up to sun down. That is because this inconspicuous little rock, with only one real town in a protected inlet, has a great history naval history, classical houses and excellent swimming. As well as a harbor full of little shops for people to spend money in.
    Hydra history goes back to mythology. There is a story where Ancient Hermionisold the town to a lost Samian naval squadron who later left the Ydra. Even though this is an ancient island, what the island is known best for being a Naval power dating back to the 15th century.
    Hydra once had an abundance of trees, at a time when more rain fall found its way to the island.(It is now behind a rain shadow) The people there used these trees to build the island into a maritime power. With the aid of their ships, and an inhospitable location for any sort of landing Hydra was able to stand on its own any foreign invader.(Though according to my guidebook, they had made arrangements with the Turks.) Though mostly merchants, the ships would turn to pirate ships when it suited their needs.
    Part one shows the entry into the protected town of Hydra. Part two through four show the classical houses of Hydra. Hydra has very strict housing codes so these houses look as they looked 500 years ago. I will give more info in the house in part two. There is also an awesome "swimming hole" right by the harbor. Part six through 8 show the swimming hole.
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The Entry into Hydra

North Fort

South "Fort"

The Harbor, Pt. I

The Harbor Pt. II

The Harbor's Shops

Looking Inland
Houses of Hydra
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Hydra's Swimming Hole
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