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(Spetses Fotos.)
Part I
Spetses Info Spetsae Photos, Part 1
Spetsae is a small island in the Argosaronic Gulf of Greece. It is known as the pine island because of all of the pine trees that it has. Quite a contrast to Hydra and all of its other neighbors in the Gulf. The main town has some nice houses but it is just a big tourist city. The real experience on Spetsae is when you get out of town and go along the coastline. The coast is very striking and you get a good feel for the amount of pines on the island. Though years ago a fire destroyed many of the trees on the island it still has a large amount of pine trees there to see, even though rumor has it there are no trees left.

 Spetsae does share one thing in common with its sister island Hydra. That is that it was never occupied by the Turks.

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Stairway to...?

Old City Hall

Spetsae House

Coastline I

Coastline II

Coastline III
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