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Sites Around London, Part II

   Welcome to part two of my pictures from London, England. For a full description, please see part one

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All pictures were taken with a Cannon A-1 using a 28-85mm telephoto lens, on Kodak 200 gold film. They were then scanned at 1000 dpi.

Note, All pictures are thumbnails, click on them, or title for large picture.

This is standing off center of the main dome looking down the Cathedral towards the back. As you can see, its ceiling is very ornate. It also has good acoustics and sound just echoes through it. Indoor, flash photo.

"Arches II"
This is a 180 degree turn from the last photo. This is under the dome looking towards the High Altar(The low altar is under the central arch). The people would sit under the main dome and to the back. The choir would be in the arch-ways in between the main dome and the high altar, and the priests would be at the high altar. Indoor, flash? photo.

"Big Ben"
This is the famous clock tower by the Themes river. It is next to Westminster Abbey and attached to the Houses of Parliament. There is also a nice square for lunch there so if you are ever in London, I suggest going over there for lunch, and checking things out. Outdoor, natural light photo

"Station Clock"
This clock is a little known clock. Well its not famous at all, it is the clock at the Durham train station. I think it is actually a neater(my English teacher just turned in his grave) clock than big Ben. What do you think. Outdoor, natural light photo.

"Buckingham Palace"
This is where the Queen of England lives. It is huge but not that ornate from the outside. I only took three photos when I was here, two look like this. We also saw the changing of the guard, If you ever go, give your self an hour because it is very long. Outdoor, natural light photo.

End of Part II


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