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Castles & Cathedrals of the North of London

Welcome to part three of my exhibit on the castles and cathedrals of england. These images are mostly from the north of England, around the New Castle area. There are fewer photos because I was running out of film(and energy) when we got here. In my opinion, this area is far nicer than the London Area.

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Note, all pictures are thumbnails, click on the image or the title.

This castle I think sort of looks like a chess piece. Do not know much about it, It was in the Canterbury area, and is a house with a castle facade. I think it is neat though. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

This to is in the Canterbury area. It is the entry way to the city. I think that it is more symbolic than anything else of the past where towns centered around castles and would hide in them when ever threatened. Outdoor, natural light photo.

"Anslem's Abbey"
This is the remains of St. Anslem's abbey. Unfortunately none of my pictures came out here. Its neat because you have to go out on a road that at high tide gets covered by water(it is on an island.) Outdoor, Natural light photo.

These are clouds over the Tower of London. Not much else to say about it. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Alnwick Castle"
This is the castle of the Duke of Northumberland. There is still a duke(or duchess) of Northumberland and the family still lives in the castle. The family does allow people to tour the castle though, about half of the year. It is weird to walk through a still lived in castle, however I would love to live there. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

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