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Sites Around London, Part III

  Welcome to part three of my pictures from around the town of London in England. For a full description, please see Part one.

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All pictures were taken with a Cannon A-1 using a 28-85mm telephoto lens, on Kodak 200 gold film. They were then scanned at 1000 dpi.

Note, All pictures are thumbnails, click on them, or title for large picture.

"Westminster Abbey"
This is Westminster Abbey. It is an old Abbey (place where monks lived) dating back at least 1000 years.(Anyone know the real date?) At this abbey, the King/Queen is crowned, and numerous kings and queens are buried here. Furthermore, famous Englishmen/women are buried here as well, including the likes of Charles Dickens. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

Out Back"
This is the back of Westminster Abbey. As you can see, this is a different construction from the rest. I do not know the reason for this, however, in most cases it means it was built at an earlier/later date. This is the part where famous kings and queens are laid to rest. Outdoor, natural light photo.

"Houses of Parliament"
This is where the English government is run, the Houses of Parliament. I have been told, that during a Cholera epidemic, that blinds were put over the windows on the side of the Themes so that the members of Parliament were not effected.(They knew that Cholera was linked with water but now how it was spread or caught. Outdoor, natural light photo.

"Tower of London"
This is the tower of London, a fortress built to defend the "King" of England. There are numerous stories about the tower, most of them deal with someone doing away with a rival so that they can become ruler of England. This is an all brick tower that is actually more of a square fortress with a number of buildings inside. None of my photo's came out though (always get light readings from the ground on overcast days) but I do suggest you go there. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"St. Martin's"
This is the steeple of St. Martin's in the Field. I do not know any history about this church, we just passed by it. I like how it is framed between the two pillars. Outdoor, natural light photo.

This is off of a monument about the great fire of London. It was closed so We could not go to the top, however I am told you get a great view of the city if you climb to the top. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

End of Part III


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