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   London is the traditional capital of England dating back to some of its earliest kings. Therefore, the city is rich in both history and tradition. For a quick trip to England, London is one of the must see cities. In London you can see one of the worlds largest Cathedrals, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the tower of London, as well as a couple of royal palaces. London houses some of England's art treasures (some of which were acquired from other countries during the time of the English Empire.) I have only provided a sampling of the London experience in these pages(since early march is not the best time for out door photos).

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All pictures were taken with a Cannon A-1 using a 28-85mm telephoto lens, on Kodak 200 gold film. They were then scanned at 1000 dpi. This is some of my earliest work, so the scanning is not very good, also my photos were all over exposed.

Note, All pictures are thumbnails, click on them, or title for large picture.

"Saint Paul's"
St. Paul's is one of Europe's largest Cathedrals. Built by the Christopher Wren (Virtuoso of the English Baroque style) , this cathedral was to rival the cathedrals of Europe in terms of grandeur. Outdoor, natural light/over cast photo.

"Paul's Dome"
One of Saint Paul's main features is a huge dome on over the center of it. The outside is worn by the industrial revolution (well, the pollution caused by it.) However, the inside still boasts beautiful murals. As you can see the dome is huge. This may be in part that bigger was better when it came to cathedrals. Outdoor, natural light/overcast photo.

"Entrance Way"
This is the front door to Saint Paul's, or the one that everyone uses. On the sides there are huge doors, the size of giants, that people do not use. Outdoor, natural light/overcast photo

This is the last exterior photo that I am including though I have many more. I like how this photo is composed so I decided to include it. You can not really tell, but there is a window on the bottom. It is a plain glass window because most of the windows of St. Paul's were bombed out during World War II. Outdoor, Natural Light photo.

"High Altar"
This is looking up at the High Altar of St. Paul's. It is in a smaller dome towards the back that was not pictured earlier. As you can see some of the Stain glass windows were saved. But as you can see the one on the left, it was not left undamaged. Indoor photo, no flash.

This is looking up at the ceiling in one of the wings of St. Paul's. The walkway is the whispering gallery and it goes around the entire Cathedral. I missed my chance to go up there but if I ever go back, I am going to be sure to walk around the whispering gallery. Indoor photo, no flash.

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