Welcome to part one of my photos from the harbor and coast of Nauplion. If climbing up a thousand steps is not your cup of tea, you can always enjoy walking around the scenic coastline. It is very beautiful and there are even places for a swim. For a full description of the town, see the index of my Nauplion gallery.

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The Coastline

Isle of Boúrdzi

Old Customs Office

Old Fortification

Cacti on the Rocks

Even more Cacti
All the greenery you see in the top left hand photo is really Cacti, as you can see in the close-ups on the lower pictures. The island in the center of the harbor was first used to defend the harbor and then latter as a prison. It is now used to attract tourists. Other things you may see walking around the harbor are old Venetian houses such as the Customs office or the remnants of their forts (or the French fort.) 
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