Welcome to my photos of Palamídi Fort, the castle that is two hundred and sixteen feet above the harbor of Nauplion. It is made up of eight bastions. These bastions were built by the Venetian's to defend the city and operate independently if the ones next to them are captured. It is quit an impressive fortress, that covers the hill. It is a very impressive site and is well worth the climb.(To be honest there is a road to drive up if you are not into climbing steps in the hot Greek sun.) For a full description of the town, see the index of my Nauplion gallery.

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Palamídi Fort

St. Andrew's Bastion

Other Bastions

St. Andrew's Bastion & Chapel
Looking east you can see that the bastions are separated by large walls and inhospitable hill sides. The only way to get between them are walk ways along the walls or enclosed passagew ays, both of which were most likely heavily guarded. St. Andrew's Bastion housed the governors office of the fort. It also has a small chapel which you can see in the back of this picture behind the tree. It was covered with murals but they are faded.

St. Andrew's Bastion (from Behind)

Another Bastion
When I was going over these pictures I noticed that these two bastions were identical from behind. However the insides are greatly different. I do not believe that the rest of the bastions resemble any of the others, something I liked about the fortress. As you can see they both have a nice view of the harbor (nice when you have to defend it against invading ships). You can see one of the walkways connecting bastions in the photo on the left.
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Palamídi Fort
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