Welcome to part three of my photos of Palamídi Fort, the castle that is two hundred and sixteen feet above the harbor of Nauplion. It is made up of eight bastions. These bastions were built by the Venetians to defend the city and operate independently if the ones next to them are captured. It is quit an impressive fortress, that covers the hill. It is a very impressive site and is well worth the climb.(To be honest there is a road to drive up if you are not into climbing steps in the hot Greek sun.) For a full description of the town, see the index of my Nauplion gallery.

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The Bastions

Path Between Bastions

St. Andrew's

Stairs and Arches
Inside St. Andrew's

Inside a Bastion

Entrance to a Bastion

Entrance to Another Bastion
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Palamídi Fort
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Nauplion's Harbor
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