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   Below are links to two collections of photographs that I have shown at Coffee shops in the San Francisco Bay area. The offer a small sample of my photo collection. All of the photographs shown are for sale. Photos are available as 8x10 or 5x7 prints. They can be sent to you in Maple frames or unframed. Prices include sales tax as well as shipping and handling.

5x7$ 10.00$ 25
8x10$ 20.00$ 40
  $ 30.00$ 50
If you would like to order, please contact < Please include your name, e-mail address, and the picture(s) you are would like to buy. Money from the sale of the photos help keeps the web site up (i.e. paying for the ISP space) Please click on the link to view the whole collection.


Scenic Landscape Collection
    Stock Photographs from various scenic places. Photographs in the collection include photos from Yosemite, the John Muir Trail, Lake Tahoe, Italy, and the San Francisco bay area.
    Present Show
      June 1 to July 15
      Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop
      2120 Euclid Ave
      Berkeley, CA
    The Colors of Greece
      Stock Photographs from Greece. Photographs of the Greek islands and temples from ancient Greece.
      Shown at
        September 2003
        Cafe Roma

        November 2002 to January 2003
        Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop
        2120 Euclid Ave
        Berkeley, CA

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