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Vagabond Traveler Presents The Greek Collection

   Greece is a land of a thousand colors. These colors find themselves on brightly colored churches and windows. They are found on vibrant wildflowers and on colorful houses. Even the boats and vases boast the vibrant colors of Greece. Of course the most vibrant color in Greece is the blue of the sea.

   This collection has attempted to catch the colors of Greece and to portray them to you, the viewer. The photos were taken over the course of three summers in Greece, 1997, 1999, and 2001. These are just a small handful of the pictures I have showing the beauty and splendor of Greece.

  Photos are available as 8x10 or 5x7 prints. They can be sent to you in Maple frames or unframed. Prices include sales tax as well as shipping and handling.

5x7$ 10.00$ 25
8x10$ 20.00$ 40
11x14$ 30.00$ 50
For ordering information, please contact < Please include your name, e-mail address, and the picture(s) you are would like to buy. Money from the sale of the photos help keeps the web site up (i.e. paying for the isp space) The photos below are part one.
Picture 4 Church in Ia Picture 2 Island Sunset Picture 3 Ermioni Windmill
Picture 1 Cepholonia Picture 5 Flowerpot Picture 12 Paros Windmill
Picture 7 Ia Picture 8 Boat in Ithica Picture 9 Mykonos Windmill
Picture 10 Little Italy Picture 11 Myknonos Pelican Nest Picture 6 Santornini
Picture 15 St. George Picture 17 Fishing Boats Picture 18 Church on Mykonos
Picture 16 Corfu Picture 19 Paros Picture 20 Mykonos Taverna
Picture 21 Bar on Paros Picture 23 Santorini Houses Picture 24 Mykonos Church
Picture 25 Archway Picture 26 Temple of Posiden Picture 27 Santorini
Picture 28 Gythos Fishing Boats Picture 29 Church on Corfu Picture 30 Santorini Bell Tower
Picture 13 Hydra

Scenic Landscape Collection
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