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This is part IV of my pictures from Ermioni, Greece. For a full description of these pages, please see part I

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Part IV

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South Shore

  Sunset looking over the south shoreline back at the town.

Road Side Chapel

The "Big" Church
This little chapel is on the road into town by the local convent. This is one of the two large churches that are hidden in the "middle" of the town. Neither of them I could get a good picture of because of the closeness of the surronding houses.


Callie, The Calico Cat
The "Beasty" has all sorts of odd ruins and rock formations around it. On the top there is a platform of huge rocks that at one time was a temple. My uncle says that it is a temple to Apollo. I have also heard that was a temple of Posiden (which makes sense for a fishing village) Some smart person planted these trees in the middle of it. I hope this is comfortable

Thank you for viewing part IV.


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Copyright August 28, 1997