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Photos Part II More Information on Ermioni
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Swimming Hole # 2

This is the second swimming hole on the Beasty. As you can see the water is a very nice shade of blue,even though it is rough This is just a neat rock I saw swimming every day and I had a shot left over in my under water camara. Of course I picked a day with 3 foot waves to take this.

More Beasty

Even More Beasty


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Welcome to part II of my pictures from Ermioni, Greece. Again these photos are from 1997, however I have visited the town three times since. I have learned a few more tid bits that I would like to share with you. As I mentioned in part one ancient Hermioni was mentioned in mythology as one of the gate ways to Hades (I bet the tourist board wants me to stop writing that) and had an ancient Acropolis on the end of the town. Hermioni was note worthy enough to get a mention in Homer's Illiad. There was one mention of the ships of the powerful Argoid states mustering in its deep, blue harbor. Furthermore, Hermioni is said to have sent three ships and three hundred men to fight in the Persian wars. There is also a story by Herodotos that speaks Hermioni selling the island of Hydra to a Samian naval squadron.

  Another point that I learned is that the Greek town was clustered around the Acropolis. A sea wall surrounded this town that some foundations are still left of. During the Roman Times, because of a lack of land, the town moved onto the hill that it now occupies with many of the buildings built with blocks from the Greek town. (A processes known as quarrying). Apparently the plain to the west of the town supported crops for town to supplement the fishing of the village.

   According to "The Living Past of Greece", Ermioni is an excellent example of an ancient Polis site. I take it because of its location and its set up.

   For a full description Ermioni, please see part I

I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 28, 1997
Updated July 30, 2003