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This is part III of my pictures from Ermioni, Greece. For a full description of these pages, please see part I

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Part III

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Art Music Cafe

Small Church
This is the Art Music Café. A local watering hole that I occasionally found my self spending my idle time. I've included the picture because I like the building. It has since gone through at least two reincarnations and at least one new paint job. Greece is covered with small churches and I must have a million pictures of them. This one I've included because my Great Aunt takes care of it, as well as because of its scenic location. I think the name is Agios Yiannis which in MHO is a good name for a church.

Catrinia's Taverna

Beasty's View
This taverna I only knew as Katirina's or Kolie's during my first trip Ermioni since Katirina and Kolie are the names of the siblings that run it.(Their brother Tony has since come back form the Army and helps) Its real name is Taverna Taranzi(spelled wrong here) Its by my opinion, the best food in Ermioni, as well one of the most scenic places to sit. This picture is looking back towards the tavern from a boat at sunset. It is on the Mandraki side of the town and is the taverna that is the closest to the Beasty. One nice thing about the Beasty is that the city has put park benches all around it. Many are in the shade like this and they provide nice places to read a book or just look out at the sea.


This picture of the beasty makes it look longer than it really is. The bush in front blocks where the land moves back and there is a row of houses along the coast line. This is the north side of the town as seen from the Beasty. As you can see it is more than just a small gathering of houses, though still not very large.

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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 28, 1997