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Canterbury Cathedral

Welcome to part two of my photos from around Canterbury Cathedral. For a more complete explanation, see part 1.

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Note, all pictures are thumbnails. Click on the picture or the title to view the large version.

Some Stained Glass Windows


"Looking Up"

"St. Anselm
All three, indoor, non flash photo with light from the outside. If you would like to see more, click Here

"St. Augustine's Abbey"
This is the now defunct court yard of St. Augustine's abbey. This is not the St. Augustine of Confession's fame, this St. Augustine brought Christianity to England. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Abbey Field"
This is another view of St. Augustine's abbey. He is the founder of Canterbury Cathedral as well. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Charing Cross"
This is Charing Cross. The wife of an early English King(the queen) died away and had to be brought back home to be buried. On the way home, a cross was erected where they spent each night. Charing cross was the last of the crosses. Outdoor, Natural light photo.(By the way, this is in London, it sort of slipped in here by mistake)

End of Part II


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