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All of the questions I have received about Switzerland are in regards to Chateau Chillion . Furthermore, I was on a guided tour of sights near the French border. Therefore, I have created this mini-faq mainly as a placeholder until I can return to Switzerland and gather more information.

1. How do you get around Switzerland?
2. What Languages do they speak?
3. What is the history of Chateau Chillion?
4. Where should we travel in Switzerland?
5. Can I use the Euro in Switzerland?
6. Any suggested Guide Books?

1. How do you get around Switzerland?

2. What languages do they speak in Switzerland?

    Switzerland is surrounded by Austria, Germany, Italy , and France. Therefore, French, Italian, and German are all spoken fluently in various parts. However, a different language is the "common language" in different parts of Switzerland. For instance, I visited the area around Lake Geneva where they spoke French. If you venture to Zurich people will speak to you in German. English is spoken sporadically so you should bring a phrase book.
3. What is Chateau Chillion?

4. Where should we go in Switzerland?

    I love Chateau Chillion and want to go back there. Geneva is worth a peak for the history. The Alps are the most beautiful mountains that I have seen (and I have seen a few). I hear the town of Gimmelwald will give you a low-key introduction to the Alps. A lot of tourists head for Interlaken, which is a bit touristy but I plan on going there anyway.
5. Can I use the Euro in Switzerland?

    Switzerland is not part of the European union. They use the Swiss Franc.
6. What guide books do you recommend?

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