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Part III

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Cistern, and around

"Agamemnon's" tomb
This is a picture of the back of the city by the Cistern. As you can see, the site has not stood up against time, but still has a nice view. This is the entrance way into "Agamemnon's" tomb. It is however identical to the ones of Aigistos and Clytemnestra on the outside. Though originally credited as Agamemnon's tomb because of all of the treasure found it is now believed to also be older than Agamemnon and thought this may be the royal treasury with another king buried in it.(A burial mask was found here.) The it is called the Royal treasury is because of a side room the other two do not have containing treasure.


As you can see, the site has not stood the test of time, though not many things over 2000 years old have. The site is being excavated and restored and these photos are just in the back part of the city.
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