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Part II

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Close-up, First royal tomb circle


Tomb of Aigistos
This is a slightly better view of the first royal tomb circle. As you can see it was sectioned off into parts where the group of bodies were buried. This tomb circle was a nest egg for Archaeologists (and not just because of all of the Gold found.) Other artifacts were found with the bodies. This Cistern goes down 99 pitch black steps (funny how the Greeks would never have an even number of steps) to a Persian spring. This was a water supply for the city, though now it is dried up. I wonder if this could have had other functions but what would they have been. This tomb is accredited by my guide book as being Aigisthos tomb though I am not sure why except it is the same style as Clytemnestra and "Agamemnon's" tombs. Three graves of this type all were dug out of the hill side, had a long path leading to ornate entrances and were conical. This one has caved in so you get an idea of what they are like. The pictures from the outside of the other two graves are on the next page.

Rock Out cropping

Inside of a Tomb

Valley Below
  This is from the inside of "Agamemnon's" tomb. The slanted stones on the top are to take the pressure of the hillside off the opening (which happened to be filled with rubble.) Another view of the valley surrounding the site.
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