Swimming "Hole", Part IPhotos of Swimming Hole
Hydra is part of a set of islands called the Nautical Islands. Hydra, along with its sister Spetses, became a maritime mini-power. The sailors were known for their skill and bravery. (Their sailors were also accused of being Pirates). One of the first thing these sailors would have seen coming in to port in the town, aside form the sea walls lined with cannons, is a cave the west of the harbor.
     This cave has been transformed into a popular swimming hole. Sun worshipers line man made patios next to the cave and brave soles dive from the top of the cave into the crystal clear water. (This may be discouraged now). You can swim into the cave and look up through natural sky light (which they do not let you dive through.
    These photos are part of a set of photos on Hydra (A.K.A. Ydra or Idra). Part one is a set of views from my various trips into and out of the harbor. It gives historical information on the island. Part two through four show the classical houses of Hydra. Hydra has very strict housing codes so these houses look as they looked 500 years ago. I will give more info in the house in part two. I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 15, 1997

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Cave Diver

Former Blow Hole?

Side View of Cave

Looking Up

Swimming Area


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Houses of Hydra
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