Houses of Hydra

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Hydra (Idra/Ydra) has strict housing codes so the houses still resemble the style of house the ship builders had on the island during the 15th century. They are all very beautiful. The purity of style is really amazing. Each house is in harmony with its neighbor and with the surroundings The houses above the harbor front are the Admiral house. They are truly impressive. As you work your way back, you should get homes which are smaller but equally as beautiful.

  Most tourists do not leave the shops or the water front. I suggest getting away from the crowds and wandering the back streets. You get to admire the houses, in the narrow allies, with beautiful flowers hanging over their walls all to your self. I would set aside at least an hour to wander around the town so you can see how beautiful it is. IF you want, you can take a donkey to the top of the town (or walk). The donkeys are the only form of transportation on the island aside from walking. Another thing that makes the island nice. I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, ..

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Public Transportation


Harbor Shops


Church Tower

Inner Harbor

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Houses of Hydra
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