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Part III
Welcome to the third part of my pictures of Delphi. For more information on the history and mythology of the site, please see part I.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

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Roman Wall

The Agora

Mt. Parnassos
The Romans made their influence on the site. During their polythestic days, the oracle still functioned as a oracle for Apollo, with some shops set up for the pilgrims to buy and sell things. As you can see the construction was different from the Greeks. Latter on, a small church stood here before the site was left to ruin. Mt. Parnassos looking through some trees.

Crystal Spring

Rocky Backdrop

Dionysus' Cave?
The crystal springs were where pilgrims would first purify themselves before entering the temple. A look at the rocky mountains behind Delphi Dionysus was said to have tended the Oracle when Apollo was away in the winter time. He lived in a cave above Delphi. Could it be up here?
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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright September 14, 1997