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Castles & Cathedrals of the North of London

Welcome to the last part of my exhibit on the castles and cathedrals of england. This is part two of my photos from the north of England, around the New Castle area. There are fewer photos because I was running out of film(and energy) when we got here. In my opinion, this area is far nicer than the London Area.

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A different perspective of the castle. Those "people" you see on the top are its guardians. They have protected the castle from the invading Scott's for over five hundred years. Oh yea they are Iron statues. But they have done their job, the castle has never fallen into the hands of the Scottish. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

"Hexham Abbey"

"Tynemouth Priory and Castle"
Tynemouth Priory and Castle. I am told this is in Tynemoth and three kings are buried here. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

Lastly an alley way be St. Augustine's abbey. Like I said in the last part, St Augustine's abbey is tucked into the town its self. Outdoor, Natural light photo.

End of Part I


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