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Castles And Château's Photos
  On this page are links to photographs of castles and châteaus that I have taken in western Europe. I hope you enjoy them. If your have any questions or comments, e-mail me at

Castles And Château's

Fort Errie, Ontario Restored war of 1812 era fort located across from Buffalo
Fort George, Ontario Restored war of 1812 era fort located in Niagara on the Lake
Castles & Cathedrals of the North Pictures from northern "England" near Hadrian's wall. Assorted castles and cathedrals pictures from the area.
Annecy Pictures from the town of Annecy in France which hosts a large castle, cool prison and scenic lake.
Carcassone This is a medieval fortress in the south of the country that has been renovated to take visitors back to the 1200's.
Chateau Montrottier Chateau located at a stragic crossing in France. The late duke was a collector....of everything.
Château Thonon Les Bains This large Château in Haute Savoie once housed the dukes of Savoie. Though part of it was destroyed by fire, its sill impressive to see.
Château Thorens This château sits in a very scenic part of the Alps, with impressive mountains all around its quaint "little" walls.
Yvoire This throw back town on lake Geneva boasts a castle on the side of the lake. Furthermore, the town retains much of its medieval splendor as well.
Castle of St. John, Kos Castle of St. John on Kos
Castle of St. John, Rhodes Castle of St. John on Rhodes
Monastery of Saint John, Patmos This monastery doubles as a fort to defend it from pirates
Lesbos:Mitilini One of two Italian forts on the island.
Lesbos:Movivos The castle in Molivos, the more visited of the two.
Mani's Towers Nobles use to wage war from towers located in this southern region of the Peloponnese.
Mystra With its fortifications high above the town of Sparta
Nauplion Nauplion not only boasts a castle high above its harbor but a second fort in its harbor as well.
Siena Though this town has no classic "Castle" in it, the town its self is of interest because it was "pickled Gothic". It retains much of its Gothic feel and style held with in its old walls.
San Gimangio This hill town boasts 7 towers (of its original 21) from which nobles use to shoot cannon balls at each other.
Moorish Ruins This page contains photos from a ruined Moorish castle with an enchanted forest growing in the center of it.
Pena Palace The Pena Palace is a fantasy palace built by a German born Portuguese Prince. Since it was built at a time when castles no longer served any defensive purpose, it is quite fantastic and surreal
Toledo This city is the original capital of Spain. The old city is well preserved and has a distinctive medieval feel to it.
Château Chillon Château Chillon is a huge, fortified château on the swiss side of Lake Geneva. It has numerous rooms you can wander through, as well as being on scenic lake Geneva.

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Posted 2/18/02