Italy Faq

These are questions I am frequently asked about traveling in Italy. If there is something that is not covered that you are wondering, you can e-mail me, and perhaps Iíll have an answer for you. I will also be adding to this FAQ as I think of things.

1.0 Where should we go?

2.0 What should we bring?
3.0 What should we watch out for?
4.0 Cultural Experiences/Culture Shock
5.0 Getting Around. 6.0 Hotels and Hostels.
7.0 Suggested guide books.

1.0 Where do you suggest I/we go?

Italy is no bigger than Arizona. Despite this fact, there is a lot to see, and depending on your tastes, you will want to spend various amount of time in each place. I have broken my recomendations down into must see cities, highly recommended cities, good sites and other points of interest. I have also provided how long I would recomend you stay in the city to assist in planing your time. Lastly, I have provided links to the cities I have pictures of.